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Get to Know Me

My Purpose in Life is to help you reconnect with the inner voice of your Soul, to Empower you to create the Life you Desire

Nature Girl

Consciousnessis being aware of our thoughts and actions and just observing them, instead of reacting. This is the art of truly being Present in the moment, focusing on the action rather than the outcome of our desires. 


Power of your Souls voicethat voice within you that you have learned to ignore, and doubt. Doing this has created Self -Doubt, hence making you seek external validation. Once you re-connect with this inner voice you realize the power you hold within your Soul. 

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Create the Life you Desire - once you have mastered the 2 states of being, then you are ready and able to create the Life you have always desired. As you master your and your Inner Consciousness, you now need no external validation as you are flowing with the Universe. 

Are you finally ready 
to be Accountable, Create Boundaries & Take Control of Your Life ? 


Being accountable for your life and taking responsibility is the first step in owning the process and taking control of your life. When we realize that we are accountable for our actions, thoughts and reactions to them, then we also become aware of the power we hold in creating our future. 


Boundaries or lack of it in our lives is something most of us struggle with, be it with family, friends, work or even ourselves. As children our boundaries were constantly crossed and disregarded, which in turn taught us to have none. Hence the constant procrastination, external validation, co-dependency and other such behaviors.  

Self Worth 

Building your Self Worth also helps build the trust muscle within yourself, which in turn give you the confidence and belief that you can pretty much achieve whatever you set out to do. It helps you manifest all that you desire in your life, because you feel truly worthy of it all. When you are in your full worth, you stop waiting for things to happen to feel complete, now you are whole within yourself. 

All About Me - 

About me

A Reiki Master and a Trauma Coach, my journey of Spiritual Alchemy began 3 years back, after a very painful divorce from a 13 year marriage. Going through this process I had a choice to either live with anger and bitterness of the situation, or release it all and choose to forgive and live with compassion and grace. Taking accountability of my actions in my life helped me take control and helped me heal many childhood traumas of sexual  & emotional abuse. I was able to recognize how I had been self sabotaging myself my whole life, through procrastination and over empathizing with other to the extent that I denied myself. It was only when I started accepting parts of me that I was taught my whole life to be bad or wrong that I was able to make myself whole again and truly see my self for the beautiful soul that I was. 

A single mother of 2 beautiful souls, I am determined to help heal as many Souls and help them connect with their inner light. We were all born to shine, so lets help each other do that. 

Meet Aarti
A Reiki Master Practitioner and Trauma Coach 


They Whispered to her

"You Cannot Withstand the Storm"

She whispered back

"I Am the Storm"

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